Welcome to Red Bird, Red Bird Preschool

Why Red Bird, Red Bird Preschool

Red Bird, Red Bird Preschool encourages children to gain independence while emphasizing cooperation, creativity, socialization, and acquisition skills. Our age-appropriate activities not only include the core reading and math skills, but also integrate science and social studies concepts. We believe preschoolers should be able to explore the world through a variety of enriching opportunities.

Red Bird, Red Bird teachers encourage parental involvement and parent-teacher communication. We feel our monthly newsletter is an important aspect of this involvement. Through this newsletter we provide parents with information on upcoming events as well as updates on what we are learning and experiencing in the classroom. Parents are also given opportunity to volunteer on a variety of levels to help the functionality of our classroom, but with no required obligation.

Classroom Facilities

Our main classroom is a newly renovated classroom full of exciting manipulatives, education tools, and toys that emphasize gross and fine-motor skills. The classroom is equipped with child-size furniture as well as a child-size bathroom. A larger room in the church building is used during drop-off and pick-up for games, centers, and activities that require more movement and space. We also have a playground specifically oriented for the preschool age group which allows for some great outside opportunities!  A tour of the facility is open to prospective families by appointment.

Our Programs

Three Year Old Program

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our preschool will be a perfect introduction.

Four Year Old Program

The four year old program builds on similar skills as taught in the three year old program while also preparing them for a more structured school setting.

What Parents Are Saying